Theatrical EKG simulation Program, Two Brothers Software.

Information about the EKS-1000 Theatrical EKG Simulation Program.

The EKS-1000 will be able to use and can be controled with the number keys 0 - 9 and the f1 - f12 keys running the simulation. A simple instruction manual that can be kept at your side will be provided with the download of the program.

Follow this link to review the EKS - 1000 users manual before downloading or purchasing the software. Adobe Acrobat Reader required to review this manual.

Read the EKS-1000 users manual

Requirements to run trhe EKG simulator are

  • Windows 2000 or XP, XP Professional or Server 2003
  • Display monitor for display of EKG Simulator
  • Microsoft .net framework 2.0
  • 128MB RAM minimum
  • This program will NOT BE DESIGNED to assist anyone in EKG reading or other medical purposes.

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